10 Of The Richest Criminal Leaders In The World

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 you want to be a millionaire, it’s not really advised that you turn to a life of crime, that much should be obvious. However, some have completely ignored the law and became filthy rich by doing so. While most of us take out our inner criminal in video games, some have had If the cojones to launch international operations and hire police onto their payroll (while the rest of us are getting pulled over for rolling through stop signs!).

There is always the threat of someone trying to knock you off from the top, and perhaps that is why being a criminal pays so well. You are only seconds away from losing it all at any time, and to some the rewards have been worth the massively decreased life expectancy. From drugs to weapons, selling things you can’t get at a store has been a huge source of income for the world’s wealthiest criminals.

Of all of the criminal kingpins that ever lived, here are the ones that made the most money. Remember not to try this at home, you’ll notice the common place these people ended up; dead, or in prison!

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